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Having an in-house mail server allows you to have total control over your company’s email. Buying this service from an ISP puts your ISP in control over your company’s mail and they can’t customize the service for one client, as many are using the same server. You can create as many email accounts as you wish with no added costs. Also, you can scan for viruses on the email server and use it a ‘filter’ to filter out junk mail before it gets to the person in the office network.

most email accounts costs: $5./per month /per account.
30 staff = $150./mo.(1800./yr.) in email expenses. (Who said email is free?)

an in-house mail server costs $0. (a computer is required) for unlimited email accounts with customized features for everyone.

Is it easy to setup?
No. Some of the most complex data networking techniques are involved. Only organizations with an IT person can set it up or an ISP.
Mail server equipment:
System: UNIX Core – OSX 10.2 shell interface
Hardware: Apple Xserve dual G4 processors 1GB RAM
Software: Unix Squirrel mail, Unix Apache Web Server, Unix Mail, Apple Mail, UNIX BIND DNS