Our Vision
Serpent River will have self-sufficient people within a community of caring and compassionate families.

Our Mission    

Serpent River will use all available financial, human, natural, technological and cultural resources to achieve self-sufficiency through the efforts of all Community Members.   Our strong and unique cultural and spiritual identity will drive us to ensure a healthy community that is safe and secure for all generations.

Our Philosophy

It is with strong conviction that many generations have co-existed with the land, water, animals and fellow man.  Throughout the centuries, relationships have been developed with other nations and races of people.  Our history confirms that agreements and treaties were signed with the spirit and intent of trust, cooperation and mutual benefit.
As we look towards future generations, development and self-sufficiency will be achieved through nation-to-nation relations, working together at the political, administrative, community and family level and equally important through the determination and aspirations of each community member.
Our spiritual identity rests in the relationship with the Creator and our strong family values.  We have strong community values and beliefs built on our language, culture and heritage.